We invite dealers from Boston for mutually beneficial cooperation for selling our greenhouses in the USA.

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For over 20 years, the Volya company has been engaged in the production of greenhouses and polytunnels in Russia. We have designed and put into mass production 19 models of polycarbonate greenhouses and 6 models of film polytunnels. The lineup of greenhouses is constantly updated. Every year, 1-2 new models are developed based on our experience and feedback and wishes of our customers. Garden greenhouses for the northern regions are made of thicker galvanized metal; they have special amplifiers of arcs and allow snow load of 400 to 1000 pounds per 1.19 square yard. All the frames of the greenhouses are made of galvanized steel; they are not afraid of corrosion and serve for many years. All of them can be installed on a foundation or straight into the ground. All the polycarbonate greenhouses come with two doors and two vents on the ends. It is possible to install additional air vents on the roof. Doors and vents are equipped with rubber seals to keep warm. Small garden greenhouses are covered with polycarbonate 0.157 inch thick, while commercial farmer greenhouses are covered with polycarbonate 0.236 inch thick. The frames are supplied unassembled and consist of multiple packets. The weight of the heaviest garden greenhouse 8,8 yd long without polycarbonate is 354 lbs, and it consists of 18 packets. The largest packet size is 50*10*7 inches. Other packets have smaller dimensions, weighing from 7 to 44 lbs. They can be transported by car. Commercial greenhouses for farmers are heavier and require a small truck for their transportation. It takes about 8 hours for our masters to assemble a greenhouse. People without experience can assemble it in 1-2 days. Despite the fact that all the products by Volya are designed for snowy and frosty Russian winters, they are well-proven in the southern regions as well. Customers may not fear anomalous phenomena of nature and not worry that sudden heavy sleet might crush their greenhouse - the best models have a triple safety factor.
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